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Coaching & Critique


Our in-person conference admission ticket includes a free optional fifteen-minute coaching or critique appointment with a faculty member. Select a coaching appointment to brainstorm, ask questions, and glean wisdom, or submit a manuscript in advance to get professional feedback on your writing. Appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

C&C Sign-Up

During registration, you'll be asked for the following information when selecting a coaching or critique appointment. If you wish to sign-up for an appointment but don't yet know what you'll be submitting or asking about, you may leave those fields blank and return later to fill them in using your registration account portal to make changes to your order (no later than Oct 11, 2024).


There will be a field to list the topic area you’d like to discuss, such as marketing, website development, audiobooks, business, social media, beginning a novel, etc.


If you wish to submit a manuscript, you'll be asked to list your title and genre, provide some contextual information, and outline the type of feedback you are seeking. Manuscripts may be emailed separately at a later date.

Manuscript submissions should be a Word document of 1000 words (or fewer) in the following format: Times New Roman, 12 point; double spaced; one-inch margins. Include the title, genre, and author name in the header of the document. Manuscripts are due by October 11, 2024.

When selecting a faculty member for coaching or critique, it is very important that you first review their interests and experience. If you sign up for an appointment with someone who is not a good match for your genre or topic, our coaching director will reach out to rematch you with a different faculty member.

All coaching and critique appointments are scheduled during workshop sessions. But don't worry about missing part of a workshop - the conference recordings are included in your in-person admission ticket. Choose your time slot during registration, and you'll receive your appointment location when you arrive at the conference.

Questions? Contact us at

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